Hydropol™️ Opaque Mailer Bags


Pack Quantity 100 units for e-commerce orders
Customised orders from 25.000 units

The ideal replacement to your plastic e-commerce mailers – strong, opaque and with no end of life issues.  We use our innovatie Hydropol(tm) with an added pigment to give the clear material the opaqueness required for e-mailers.
In your journey away from virgin plastic e-mailers you have likely explored already ´recyclable´ and ´recycled options´ – you probably also decided that this just isnt enough to tackle fashion´s polybag problem because they still have the same end of life problems as virgin plastic.
You have probably looked at the very popular starch based e-mailers which are home or industrially compostable and then realised that most consumers don´t have access to either.  Worse still, many of these e-mailers won´t degrade in landfill and they would contaminate plastic destined to be recycled if placed in the plastic recycling bin.
Hence we have developed the Hydropol opaque e-mailer which overcomes all of these issues. Retaining all of the features of our clear garment bags –
  • Suitable for home and industrial composting
  • Will degrade naturally in landfill leaving behind only carbon dioxide, oxygen and mineralized biomass
  • In nature or ocean they will degrade within 12 months
  • If accidentally mixed with plastic destined for recycling they will cause no harm in the recycling process.
  •  Can be dissolved immediately in hot water if the best option is to simply to get rid of them entirely after their use.
Currently only available for volume orders of 30,000 units.  Please contact us for further details on volume orders.  
We plan to offer these as stock from August 2022.


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