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Pack Quantity 100 units for e-commerce orders
Customised orders from 25.000 units

The ideal replacement for your plastic polybags

We searched high and low and tested a multitude of products and intensively studied end of life features and carried out trials with partner brands. This product is it!

It covers all the necessities of strength, transparency of film, storage and transportation.

Key Features:

  • The bags can be disposed of in any way, they will not cause any harm
  • Both home and industrial compostable
  • Will degrade naturally in landfill leaving behind only carbon dioxide, oxygen and mineralised biomass, in nature or ocean they will do the same within 12 months
  • If accidentally mixed with plastic destined for recycling they will cause no harm in the recycling process.
  • They can even be dissolved immediately in hot water.
  • 3 years + shelf life

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  1. Customised Eco-Friendly Hydropol Garment bag size 23x28cm
  2. Customised Eco-Friendly Hydropol Garment bag size 32x42cm
  3. Customised Eco-Friendly Hydropol Garment bag size 42x61cm


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