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Eco Garment Bags is a positive impact-driven company which has identified an ideal technology to solve the 200 billion per year polybag problem the fashion industry faces. Our first-hand experiences of the environmental damage the fashion industry creates inspired EcoGarmentBags to collaborates with British company, Aquapak Polymers, in the promotion of their innovative Hydropol™ technology, an ideal replacement for the polybag.
We see how much unnecessary plastic waste comes from the production and transportation of clothes and the lack of a viable replacement. Our Hydropol garment bags offer the ideal ‘zero end of life issues’ solution, taking the responsibility of correct disposal of packaging away from the consumer.

Hydropol garment bags are the future of sustainable packaging for the fashion industry.

Every small step towards sustainability counts. This is our contribution. Welcome!


Rebecca Pickard

Rebecca has spent the last 10 years in Vietnam managing production for international fashion brands under her company Source Studio.  With a love for the outdoors, encouragement from her client base and excited to see a change in the industry towards more sustainable practices, in 2019 Rebecca set out to source a suitable material to replace the single use polybag used to protect garments during transportation. 

After many product reviews, failed trials and a growing disappointment from understading the end of life limitations of the technologies available today, Rebecca came across a new technology developed by British company Aquapak. 

She found in Hydropol™ a material which covered the needs of strength and transparency required for the fashion industry´s polybag whilst offering an array of excellent afterlife features meaning that the bags she shipped would cause no harm at all at the end of their life, regardless of how disposed of.  

First converting her own client base, she then created Eco Garment Bags and in collaboration with Aquapak  is now on a mission to reach as many fashion brands as possible with these innovative products. 


Sam Page

Sam discovered Eco Garment Bags in early 2022 having searched extensively for a solution to his own packaging needs. Running an eco friendly company which sells upcycled clothing and outdoors products, Sam is passionate about the environment, spending his weekends hiking in the Scottish countryside. 

During his search for an optimum solution to his own packaging needs, Sam both realised the limitation of options available to the industry in low volumes and the amount of greenwashing in terms of lack of clarity of the end of life of the products he was offered. 

With extensive experience in the e-commerce sector and wanting other brands to also discover what he considers the ideal solution, Sam joined Eco Garment Bags as a co-founder managing the e-commerce aspect of the business in May 2022.

Our Product

We wanted to create something that looked like plastic, but wasn’t plastic. Something that had the same function, but that didn’t harm the planet. Once we found the right technology we wasted no time in getting production into progress and making them available to the world!

Mission Statement

We´ve found the solution and we want everyone to use it!!


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Eco garment bags are made with a hydrophillic material, meaning it is water-liking. This allows our bags to degrade naturally over 12 months in rivers or oceans, leaving behind a non toxic biomass which is harmless to marine life

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