Can plastic bags be easily recycled in the UK?

Plastic bags; the poster child for plastic pollution and the scourge of household recycling. How often have you stood at your bins, plastic bag in hand wondering “Where do I put this?”. It feels wrong to put plastic in the general waste, but you can’t remember if it’s included in your recycling, so you just throw it in and hope

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India Ban Single-Use-Plastic

A country with 1 billion people has taken on the challenge. What does this mean for India? The EU is acting against plastic pollution. From 3 July 2021, single-use plastic plates, cutlery, straws, balloon sticks and cotton buds cannot be placed on the markets of the EU Member States. In addition, the same measure applies to cups, food and beverage

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The Problem with Greenwashing in the Fashion Industry

37% of consumers surveyed have chosen to shop with brands that have ethical practices and values Shopping more sustainably across all areas of our lifestyles seems to be becoming more and more of a priority for a lot of people. In March 2022 Deloitte conducted a survey that found 37% of consumers surveyed have chosen to shop with brands that

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The Dangers of Microplastics

Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic that can measure less than 5mm across. Although they’re too small to see with the naked eye, microplastics are a major pollution problem that is only getting worse.Scientists have since seen microplastics everywhere they have looked: in deep oceans; in Arctic snow and Antarctic ice; in shellfish, table salt, drinking water and beer; and

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How is your journey towards sustainable packaging going?

You likely opted for a starch based bag or a recycled bag, right? You realise that a recycled bag doesn’t really solve the problem – it has all the same end of life issues as the normal polybag – it’s still just plastic. On top of that, you have realised that they are typically made from bottles which could have

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How do you manage plastic in your supply chain?

Manufacturers insists on the use of a polybag to protect the products they have carefully produced for you to ensure they are in no way damaged during transportation.   These products, in polybags are then received at your warehouse.   Do you ship these out to your stockists still in the polybag? What does your stockist then do with the

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