How is your journey towards sustainable packaging going?

You likely opted for a starch based bag or a recycled bag, right?

You realise that a recycled bag doesn’t really solve the problem – it has all the same end of life issues as the normal polybag – it’s still just plastic. On top of that, you have realised that they are typically made from bottles which could have kept on being recycled and instead are made into polybags which are not recycled again.

The starch based bags you opted for you have now found have a few issues:


The pure starch bags are cloudy and your bar codes can’t be read (if your ‘ starch bags’ are clear they contain plastic – because, well, starch is naturally cloudy!)


They have a very short shelf life, they may even have crumbled into powder sitting on your shelves


Hmmm how many consumers have access to home composting ? So where do your bags end up?


You’ve realized that your compostable bags are instead ending up in the plastic recycling bin where they contaminate the full batch of plastic destined to be recycled – (not great when we are trying also to protect the mere 9% of plastic that actually does get recycled)


Oh, and when they end up landfill when thrown away with normal rubbish, they can still take decades to degrade because they need air to degrade and most landfills are so compact there is no air.

If you encountered any of these issues or realisations I invite you to try our polybags made with Hydropol™


Clear polybags (bar codes can be read)


2+ years shelf life (didn’t sell all your stock this season – no problem)


Stronger than your plastic polybags (in fact 3x stronger)


Can be disposed of in pretty much ANY way:


Dissolve immediately in hot water and pour down the drain (your clients will love showing their kids this!)


Can be home or industrially composted


Won’t interfere with plastic recycling if accidentally mixed


Will degrade in landfill even if there is no air

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Rebecca Pickard

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