How do you manage plastic in your supply chain?

Manufacturers insists on the use of a polybag to protect the products they have carefully produced for you to ensure they are in no way damaged during transportation.


These products, in polybags are then received at your warehouse.


Do you ship these out to your stockists still in the polybag?

What does your stockist then do with the polybag when they put your products on sale at their retail premises?

How about your own e-commerce sales? Do you remove the polybag to then place your product in your ‘ sustainable’ e-commerce mailer? If you are sustainability focused you probably don’t want your client to see the plastic polybag, right? (If you are using home compostable mailers please keep in mind that most households do not have access to home composting in which case they usually end up in the plastic recycling bin where they contaminate the plastic destined for recycling or in general waste where they still take decades to degrade while releasing methane…)


What happens to the discarded polybag in these cases?


What if your factory could use a polybag which looks and feels just like plastic and can protect your products during transit but doesn’t have any of the end-of-life issues of the polybag?


What if your stockists had an array of options for disposing of the bags once they received them? – they could place them with plastic destined to be recycled, or they could send them to industrial composting, dispose of them as green waste or even throw them away as regular waste without them causing any environmental harm?


What if instead of removing the polybag you could send it straight out to the consumer and use only a paper e-commerce envelope or box as the outer packaging and both parts of the packaging were completely safe for disposal by the consumer?


Wouldn’t that be a great way to show your clients how responsible you are as a brand? How seriously you take plastic pollution and waste?

Well it IS possible. Our ‘ polybags’ are made of British patented Hydropol™ and they are :


Strong enough to protect during transportation (in fact, stronger than plastic)


They are clear so your bar codes can still be read


They can be disposed of in any way you can think of without causing any harm


It can even be fun for the end client to dissolve it in hot water as soon as they have opened the package and the ‘ polybag’ is at it’s end of life.

It probably sounds too good to be true… it did to us initially as well, but here it is thanks to the efforts over 12 years of Aquapak Polymers in developing this fantastic technology. Check it out!


Written by


Rebecca Pickard

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